Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Dates , Features,Specs,Upcoming reviews ,Rumors

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Hello Friends, Here You Will Know Here Every Mobile's And Tablets And Phablets And More Reviews ,Rather Here Comes A Latest News That's Now a Days We Are Awaiting For Mobile Was Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 5 So Here Now We Gain for That Little Bit Of Release dates And More Fresh News if u Want To Know more See Bellow


Korean electronics company is reportedly hoping to avoid direct confrontation with Samsung plans to launch its next Android-powered phablet the rumoredGalaxy Note 5 earlier than usual, according to the . The report claims Samsungwill launch the Galaxy Note 5 in mid-August instead of in the fall.


Samsung will get "some breathing room"before Apple launches its next iPhone (the rumored iPhone 6S and 6S Plus). The launch of the and the Note Edge were so close to the launch of the and , Samsung may have lost millions of potential sales. Although the Galaxy S6 is its best smartphone yet, Samsung's profits fell for the .


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Apple iPhone 6s – Leaked Images, Expected Price, Features & Specifications

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Apple, the cupertino company is much confident on its next-generation smartphones which are expected to unveil on Wednesday, September 9 2015. It is likely anticipated that the company will launch much-awaited smartphone iPhone 6s on the day of Apple event. Several rumors regarding the price, features, specifications, release date of iPhone 6s and there are many expectations on this smartphone. It is rumored that the iPhone 6s will come with 3D Touch Display with lot of enhancements and many other features. Here are the leaked images, expected price, features, specifications and everything else that are anticipated about the Apple iPhone 6s. Let’s have a glance! 

iPhone 6s – Price, Expected Features & Many more

iPhone 6s is the much anticipated smartphone for which most of the iPhone adorers are inquisitively waiting and Apple is likely to launch iPhone 6s at the iPhone event on Wednesday in California. Even before its release, several reports and rumors spread across the social networking sites about the smartphone’s features and specifications. Some of the images of the iPhone 6s have been leaked and there are numerous expectations on iPhone 6s. Below are the expected features, specifications and leaked images of the next-generation smartphone. 


The price tag of the Apple iPhone 6s has been revealed as per the latest price rumors. The price of upcoming iPhone 6s will be likely remained same as the current Apple iPhone. Till now there are numerous leaks about the iPhone 6s and its Plus variant. As per the report, it is expected that the price of the iPhone 6s will be varied in terms of their storage as follows:
  • iPhone 6s – 16 GB priced at €699 (approx. Rs. 52,000)
  • iPhone 6s – 64 GB priced at €799 (approx. Rs. 59,572)
  • iPhone 6s – 128 GB priced at €899 (approx. Rs. 67,000)
However, the above mentioned price are just expectations based on the previous Apple iPhone. The official price of the Apple iPhone will cost on September 9, i.e., tomorrow.

Expected Features & Specs of iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6 smartphone is regarded as the most successful product for Apple, and as per the rumors the iPhone 6s will set as an evolution rather than a revolution. Here are the expected features of iPhone 6s which are upgraded with improved camera, super fast internals and many other beneficial tweaks.
3D Touch Display
The expected features of iPhone 6s include 3D Touch Display, which is an updated version of Force Touch. Apple has recently released some of the Macbooks with Force Touch display that allows a series of gestures and pressure-level touch controls in order to lessen the total number of steps needed to carry out specific tasks. The 3D Touch Display for the iPhone 6s will be similar to the Force touch display which is a three-stage approach. This feature can do the following tasks:
  • The 3D Touch Display will have a double-press interaction that adds more number of shortcut gestures for the handsets.
  • The display will be capable of sensing three different levels of pressure that includes tap, press and deep press.
  • It can make interaction with mapping software and seems to create new games based on a three-dimensional gesture setup.
  • The 3D Touch Display feature can also add a song to a playlist by giving a long press.
High Density Resolution
The iPhone 6s may come with impressively high pixel density resolution. The device may have 4.7-inch display with a screen resolution of 1125 x 2000 and a pixel density of 488ppi.
Usually, Apple designs camera with 8-megapixel sensor but now, it is expected that the iPhone 6s will be launched with an improved 12-megapixel rear camera. It is also reported that the iPhone 6s will have an upgraded front-facing camera and also supports 4K video recording.
Camera - iPhone 6s
There are larger sensors for the FaceTime camera of the Apple iPhone 6s that comes with significantly higher quality than the previous iPhones. It is also expected that the new camera will make use of a screen-based flash similar to Apple’s Photobooth software.

Leaked Images of iPhone 6s Many rumors have suggested for the last few months that the next iPhone from Apple will be much larger and thicker than its predecessor. The reason is due to the functionality of Force Touch. Some images of iPhone 6s have been leaked that show larger measurements of the iPhone 6s. The thickness of the handset appears to be 7.08mm and measures around 0.2mm.

iPhone 6s - leaked images
Dimensions of iPhone 6s
The next-generation smartphone, iPhone 6s seems to be taller and wider than the previous model that comes with a height of 138.19mm and width of 67.8mm whereas the previous iPhone has 138.1mm and 67mm. There is slight difference which is negligible for the Apple users, but this slight increase in size may not allow the users of iPhone 6s users to use it with existing iPhone 6 cases.
iPhone 6s- Leaked pics
Color of iPhone 6s
Here are the leaked images of iPhone 6s that seems to be in a rose pink color which is subtle light pink and is not that bright like iPhone 5c.
iPhone 6s Leaked image in Rose pink

Here is the image of iPhone 6s showing a prototype of the next iPhone’s logic board. As per some reports, a new NFC chip will be in-built and upgraded as NXP 66VP2 NFC controller. It is also expected that the iPhone 6s may use a Murata Wi-Fi module and a Cirrus Logic audio chip.

Leaked Images of iPhone 6s - casing
The new iPhone 6s is likely to have a new A9 processor and M9 motion co-processor. It is not completely clear about the processing speed and other working process of the A9 processor.
iPhone 6s - Leaked image of Processor
All these are the expectations of the Apple iPhone 6s which is going to be unveiled on September 9 in California. However all these are just anticipations about the iPhone 6s and let us have to wait till tomorrow to get the actual features, design, price and everything else about the next-generation Apple iPhone 6s.

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BlackBerry Venice Android Leaked images,Specs,Prices,Features

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HI.... Frndzz... i think it is very funny that blackberry is going to be ANDROID  and the news phones are becoming blackberry storms with the sensitive screens lets we can see how it may be...The Andriod-powered Blackberry venice is expected to be released in November from all four major U.S.carriers.. A new leak confirms the smart phone will have
a quad HD display, 3 GB of RAM and 18 mega pixel rear camera.


when it comes to recent leaks of highly anticipated smartphones over tha last couple of weeks.We just reported that Microsoft's next-generation flagship smartphone and phablet,the Lumia 950(Talkman) and Lumia 950 XL(Cityman) leaked in the form of new images and reports that the handset could exclusively be  offered by AT&T and T-Mobile in the U.S.pair is expected to be the launch devices for windows 10 mobile and to released in SO  near in November.


Apple will unveil the iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus on sept.9, and one ot its partners confirmed some of the key specs iphone fans can expect. handset will feature Force Touch displays like the Apple watch ; will get internal upgrades like a more powerful 64-bit A9 Processor, 2 GB of RAM and a 12 mega pixel rear camera with the ability to capture 4K Video.

Google is also about to unleash its next flagship Nexsus smartphones in the form of the LG Nexsus 5 (2015) and Huawei Nexsus phableet,which will be the first devices to ship with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Google is also getting a newAndroid licensee that many smartphone fans are very closely following.


We reported back in june that BlackBerry was planning its first Android-based smartphone, the BlackBerry Venice.the handset includes the company's popular QWERTY
keyboard,which will have the ability to slide out and be tucked away when it is not in use.A new report  sheds some more of the BlackBerry Venice's key specs.

 source has used the Venice and says the it's an  "amazing device" and that"security is second to none". He was able to confirm that the smart phone will include a 2560 by 1440 quad-HD display,which puts it on the same level of other Quad -HD flagship smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+, S6, S6 Edge, LG G4 and the upcoming HTC A9 AERO. the handset will ship with  the Android 5.0 Lollipop, although it will likely be upgradeable to Android 6.0 Marshmallow at some point.

BlackBerry venice should run very snappy thanks to its
3 GB of RAM , AND Camera lovers will appreciate its 18 megapixel rear camera with OIS(optical image stabilization) and large 3XXX mAh battery - the report does notmention
its actyal capacity beyond that.

We will keep you posted on any new BlackBerry Android smartphone news as it becomes available.

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LG G4 Latest Full Phone Specifications,Reviews,Specs,Uses

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Hey Guys,LG is Newly expected to launch full-metal smartphones eventually, but it will likely be a while before the first such handset debuts, and it won't be this upcoming phablet.When it comes to other specifications, the super-sized LG smartphone will reportedly boast a massive 5.8-inch display with a QHD (2K) resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and will pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor paired with a hefty 4GB of RAM.



LG's next flagship, as some previous expectations were apparently exaggerated. Just earlier this week, for instance, LG CEO Cho Juno confirmed that the company will indeed launch a flagship smartphone in the fourth quarter of this year, but at the same time he toned down expectations of a "super premium" device.


specifications, the super-sized LG smartphone will reportedly boast a massive 5.8-inch display with a QHD (2K) resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and will pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor paired with a hefty 4GB of RAM. Korean publication offers no additional details at this point, and it remains unclear for now just what other specs the LG phablet will bring to the table. Even for the camera department, which will allegedly be the main attraction of the device, all we know so far is that it will be a Dual Camera setup. It remains to be seen just how many megapixels or what other features the handset's cameras will sport.

working on a large phablet with powerful camera capabilities, if new information out of Korea turns out to be accurate.

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Top 5 Best Comparisons Of iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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 Hello.... frnds.... now a great discussion is going on about an iphone 6 vs galaxy.lets we can see whats the difference may be.. even as apple  gears up to launch its next-gen iphone, smartphone enthusiasts are pitting the latest samsung galaxy note5 against the former's old warhorse,the iphone 6, to see how the fare in a fast speed..

   I phone Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5

I phone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Latest samsung flagship comes across as a robust and
powerful smartphone.when compared to the iphone 6,the galaxy note5 has beefed up specs.the samsung offering's 4GB of RAM and octa-core proccessor make the Apple smartphone's 1GB of RAM and dual-core processor seem yesteryear's - albeit only on paper.

Galaxy Note 5 Copmares

Galaxy Note 5 Compares: 

To see how the galaxy Note 5 compares in performance against the iphone6, which was released in 2014,user DROIDMODDERX Pitted the two handsets side by side in a real world on YouTube.

speed test was designed to  compare the everyday usageof the devices.if you are wondering that which smatphone came out on top,prepare to be surprised.The video shows that the iphone 6 fares better than the Galaxy Note 5 despite having weaker specs on paper,confirming that high-end hardware does not always mean better performance.

When DroidModderX started the test and loaded the 
stock apps,both the devices were neck and neck. it was when intensive applications were tested out that the Apple software emerged victorius,thrashing samsung in the process
loading Angry birds on both smartphones a second time around showed that, while theiphone 6 was ready,the Galaxy Note 5 still loading the game.

Basically apps that were opened once on the iphone 6 opened swiftly,whereas theiphone 6 was ready,the Galaxy Note 5 was still loading the game.

"As you can see,{the iphone 6} is kind of blowing the Note 5 out of the water now because it doesnot have to totally reopen apps.the Note 5 closes out every app and then totally has to reopen it," explained by DroidModderX in the YouTube video."Part of the problem wiyh TouchWiz is the way it handles memory.... whereas the iphone 6 was able to just reopen the app from the background."

The TouchWiz UI is to blame for Galaxy Note 5 defeated by 
the iphone 6, which makes us wonder: what if the impending iphone 6s was pitted against the samsung smartphone? frndzzz now you watch out the video of theiphone 6 and Galaxynote 5's speed test blow.

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Top 10 Specs & Features Of New Samsung Galaxy S7

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Hi.... my dear frnds..! now samsung galaxy S7 is going to release in a few days. whensamsung ditched the snapdragon 810 from Qualcomm in favour of its homegrown 
Exyons 7420 for the Galaxy s6 and s6 Edge, the industry quickly realized it was a smart move by the soth Korean electronics firm,as other smartphones powered by Qualcomm's chipsetquickly began exhibiting overheating problems.



However, the breakup between the two companies appears to not last for long, as the latest reports claim samsung could be planning to create two variants of its  upcoming Galaxy S7, believed to have the internal codename "jungfrau."The first variant reportedly runs on the recently announcedSnapdragon 820,while the second variant will be powered by one of samsung's own mobile processors,possibly theExyons M1.

The report comes from South Korean media outlet Dreamx,which says that samsungis rigorously testing the Snapdragon 820 in its laboratories,most likely to make sure that the new processor will not experience the same thermal problems seen in the first version of the Snapdragon 810.

"We have to use the best engines to make ou products competative,which is
why we opted our own clips," Shin said following the Galaxy S6 launch."But we may very well
end up using products from Qualcomm again in the Galaxy phone." 
 if samsung indeed decides to renew its partnership with 
Qualcomm and use the new chipset,it is believed that the Snapdragon 820 varient of the company's 2016 flagship will be released in the United States and other Western countries,while the version running on Exynos M1 will remain in south korea,in keeping with Samsung's previous custom of shipping the south korean version of its flagship with its own chipset and the international version with one fromQualcomm.For its part, Qualcomm, which was badly wounded when Samsung turned down the Snapdragon 810 for its current flagships, seems to be serious about getting rid of the overheating issues.For the snapdragin 820,Qualcomm has reportedly done away its usual Cortex-based architecture in favour of eight kyro custom cores.


frndzz other rumors, are also going that have a pointed to a quad-Core Snapdragon820 with  "Hydra" cores and an Adreno 530 GPU, Which is said to bring a 40 percent improvement over the Snapdragon 810. It is also believed that the chipset will have 14nm FinFET technology similar to what is used on the Exyons 7420,support for 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, Cat. 10 LTE, 4K60 fps encode/decode and UFS Storage.Frnds in my opinion "i think samsung want to main the performance of galaxy s7 thats why they are giving 4GB ram and a snapdragon 820". I am personally   waiting for the releaseof samsung galaxy S7.

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